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What is Web Marketing? / What is it Good for?

Use the Internet to make yourself known, and / or develop your business, marketing and advertising techniques used in an Internet environment inspired by traditional marketing methods.

Web marketing is now used to refer to any advertising activity online. Many marketing activities are now done through the Internet since it’s cheaper, bigger and targeted audience.
Let’s dive into the details of what is web marketing, why we should care, and how should our busineses exploite.

What is Web Marketing?

Web marketing is the process of using the Internet to market your business. It includes different categories that we can discern in four main.


Web Marketing categories:

  1. Strategic web marketing: which consists of analyzing expectations and requests on the Internet and establishing or setting up monitoring.
  2. Traffic creation: we use natural referencing (SEO), online advertising, emailing, contests..
  3. Performance analysis: translated by the analysis of visibility, the traffic generated and the sales.
  4. Loyalty: animation and/or redesign, and the creation of a community, emailing is also a tool for loyalty.

Benefits of web marketing:

The main challenge of web marketing is obtain traffic, ie visitors at first. These visitors will become prospects and could eventually become loyal customers or fans.

  • Web marketing is focused
  • Web marketing is cost-effective
  • Web marketing builds relationships
  • Web marketing is easy to adapt and edit
  • Web marketing is measurable and easy to determine


Why is Web Marketing relevant to you ?

To commit to an online marketing and advertising initiative, you must believe that it will bring positive change and growth to your business.


  • Build deeper connections with your customers, customer loyalty is priceless when trying to build a brand.
  • Reach a large number of buyers, customers you would have never encountered by any other regular advertising means can show up on your website as a buyer through web marketing.
  • Complement what your current strategy, web marketing can energize the efforts of your current marketing strategy.

How can you get started ?


If you are just getting started, you need a plan to wring the most success out of your efforts.

  • Set your goal, what do you want to reach through your Web Marketing strategy ?
  • Understand your buyer, what drives him to interact or / and what are his needs ?
  • Choose your Marketing tools
  • Craft your message, branding message or/and catchy phrases, to build recognition.
  • Organize and commit.
  • Measure and revise, periodically review the results and see if you are reaching your goals with current efforts. If not, pinpoint what isn’t working and edit it.

Once you understand what is web marketing, it is time to start executing.

You can also consider hiring a digital marketing professional to tackle this task for you.


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